Mike (progbear) wrote in ursavision,

[Eurovision] Second Chance Contest

OK, there’s currently a thing going on on Youtube where folks post their preferred votes, Eurovision-style (i.e. 12, 10,8-1), to re-caps of past Eurovision contests. So far, all the recaps for 1956-1976 seem to be online, as well as all the ones from 1997-2007, plus ones for 1985, 1987, 1994 and 1995. Someone badly needs to post the rest of the 70’s contests.

So, go on and join the fun! Greek über-fan tasosk3 has the earlier recaps in his favourites, and if you need to refresh your memory on the tuneage, he has conveniently included playlists from each year*. Feel free to join in the Eurovision revisionism!

*save for the two “lost” contests: 1956 and 1964
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