Mike (progbear) wrote in ursavision,

Norwegian Voodoo!

It’s a clip of Gudny Aspaas (Ursavision veteran!) and Jahn Teigen singing a tune called “Voodoo” at the 1976 Norsk Melodi Grand Prix. It was penned by Norwegian jazz guitar legend Terje Rypdal, who also plays lead guitar on the tune. That’s Jahn’s then-current band Popol Ace playing. Dig those nifty matching velour outfits Gudny and Jahn are wearing. Of course, Jahn does his usual job of going way over the top, vocally!

And if that wasn’t enough, check out the orchestrated version!

The fabulous Gudny is (of course) missed, but Inger Lise Rypdal (Terje’s then-wife) does a crack-up job, and looks stunning in white. Where on Earth did Jahn get that outfit?

This song came in second place. It so should have won!
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