Mike (progbear) wrote in ursavision,

PMGP Winter 2007 voting: Hello, Zürich!

I’m calling zurcherart on my telly-o-phone right now:

Hello California this is Zurich calling.

Thank you for an interesting and often entertaining "show".

Now for our regions votes (hold up notes with "I HEART JOY FLEMING" written
on the back.

1 point goes to Norway.
2 points: the Uk
3 points: Pennsylvania
4 points go to Denmark
and (sorry Joy) we give only 5 points to Baden-Württemburg
6 points: Kentucky
7 points: Finland
8 points: Japan
Niedersachsen: 10 points

and that means of course. We award our 12 points to IRELAND.

OK, danke schön, and here are the updated totals

(holds up notes with “I ♥ ANNIE HASLAM” on the back):

1. Slapp Happy: 58 points
2. Sally Oldfield: 49 points
3. Suddenly, Tammy!: 37 points
4. (tie) Annette Peacock: 35 points
4. (tie) Nightwish: 35 points
6. Ie Rai Shan: 31 points
7. Renaissance: 28 points
8. Savage Rose: 26 points
9. Joy Unlimited: 25 points
10. Ruphus: 23 points

So Dagmar continues her reign as Queen Of The Mountain, and it would take a rather unlikely set of events for Sally to topple her at this point, in spite of Steve’s enthusiastic 12. Beth and her boys would need a minor miracle at this point, but third place is not to be sneezed at. Belated support for the Japanese, Finns and our own Appalachian Jazzer shove them to the middle.

O Annie, O Annisette, O Joy at least we love you! And at least you’re not in last place. And it looks as though the Norwegians won’t be seeing the Ursavision stage again for some time.

Just waiting on thornyc’s votes. I don’t want to prematurely announce the winner!
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