Mike (progbear) wrote in ursavision,

PMGP Winter 2007 voting: Hello, Belmont!

San Francisco Peninsula in the house! zbear20 submits his votes:

12 points to: Annette Peacock
10 points to: Slapp Happy
8 points to: Sally Oldfield
7 points to: Savage Rose
6 points to: Suddenly Tammy
5 points to: Nightwish
4 points to: Renaissance
3 points to: Ruphus
2 points to: Joy Unlimited
1 point to: Ie RaiShan

Updated totals:

1. Slapp Happy: 48 points
2. Sally Oldfield: 37 points
3. Suddenly, Tammy!: 34 points
4. Annette Peacock: 29 points
5. Nightwish: 28 points
6. Renaissance: 26 points
7. Ie Rai Shan: 23 points
8. (tie) Ruphus: 22 points
8. (tie) Savage Rose: 22 points
10. Joy Unlimited: 20 points

Slapp Happy hang on to their lead pretty solidly. Sally is now lagging 11 points behind, with Beth Sorrentino & co. rather further back in third. Gary Peacock’s ex-wife leaps up to fourth place thanks to Steve’s (unsurprising) 12. And now, Baden-Württemburg languishes in last place. While Joy Fleming is a Eurovision fan favourite, she tends not to be too popular with the PMGP voters. (at least not based on this tune!)
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