Mike (progbear) wrote in ursavision,

PMGP Winter 2007 voting: Hello, Oak Park!

sultmhoor submits his votes:

1 point to: Sunday Morning - Savage Rose
2 points to: Joy - Ruphus
3 points to: Solar Systems - Annette Peacock
4 points to: Quintessence - Joy Unlimited
5 points to: Funky - Suddenly, Tammy!
6 points to: Kalynda - Renaissance
7 points to: Water Bearer - Sally Oldfield
8 points to: Casablanca Moon - Slapp Happy
10 points to: Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan - Nightwish
12 points to: Shin-ai Naru Kiti E - le Rai Shan

Newest totals:

1. Slapp Happy: 38 points
2. Sally Oldfield: 29 points
3. Suddenly, Tammy!: 28 points
4. Nightwish: 23 points
5. (tie) Renaissance: 22 points
5. (tie) Ie Rai Shan: 22 points
7. Ruphus: 19 points
8. Joy Unlimited: 18 points
9. Annette Peacock: 17 points
10. Savage Rose: 15 points

Japan are on the board! Formerly stuck in last place, they’re now tied with Great Britain’s Renaissance for 5th place. Slapp Happy remain in the lead (which is now pretty firm, nine points ahead of second-place Sally Oldfield). Piano popsters Suddenly, Tammy! jump behind Ms. Oldfield at third (albeit by a hair’s breadth). An enthusiastic 10 places Finn-metal group Nightwish in fourth place. The Danes, newcomers to the contest are now at the back of the pack.

Three more sets of votes to go. Good going, guys!
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