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Making Our Minds Up...

And so, the UK is the last country in Europe to decide its entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 from the greyness that is Helsinki, Finland.  Voting goes apace, but my thoughts:-

Song #1 - Liz McClarnon -  "(Don't It Make You) Happy"- Way too formulaic.  Described by one panelist as "Gina G with funk".  Personally, "Ooh, Ah (Just A Little Bit)" had a lot more going for it.
Song #2 - Brian Harvey  - "I Can"- Frankly, a bit dull.  I know the bloke has been through the mill but it just didn't excite me.
Song #3 - Big Brovaz - "Big Bro Thang"- After the introduction, I was expecting something a little more dramatic.  Standard R & B; we've tried it before and it didn't work then (Love City Groove).
Song #4 - Cyndi - "I'll Leave My Heart"- Interesting; a Frenchwoman - an attempt for the Gallic vote, peut etre?  Not a bad ballad; very celtic, but the Irish do it a lot better.  And win.
Song #5 - Scooch -"Flying The Flag (For You)" - Camper than a field full of boy scouts, it'll get the gay vote, but the whole airline steward/stewardess thing was done a few years ago, I'm sure.
Song #6 - Hawkins and Brown - "They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To" - Somehow, this reminded me of Lyndsey De Paul and Mike Moran in the seventies; but camper and more falsetto.

I voted for Hawkins and Brown in the end, more for the lesser of all evils as nothing jumped out at me.  Seems this one is favorite with the bookies too...

Addendum : The final result was a cock-up.   Initial phone votes whittled the potential songs to numbers 4 and 5; there was another phone vote to decide - initially they declared Cyndi the winner, and then realised that Scooch were the winners... oy...
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