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PMGP Winter 2007 voting: Hello, San Leandro!

albadger submits his Progbear Melodi Grand Prix votes:

1 point to: Ie Rai Shan
2 points to: Ruphus
3 points to: Renaissance
4 points to: Nightwish
5 points to: Joy Unlimited
6 points to: Sally Oldfield
7 points to: Savage Rose
8 points to: Slapp Happy
10 points to: Annette Peacock
12 points to: Suddenly, Tammy!

So, the scoreboard now looks like this:

1. Suddenly, Tammy: 20 points
2. (tie) Slapp Happy: 18 points
2. (tie) Sally Oldfield: 18 points
4. Annette Peacock: 13 points
5. Savage Rose: 12 points
6. Renaissance: 10 points
7. Joy Unlimited: 9 points
8. Ruphus: 7 points
9. Nightwish: 5 points
10. Ie Rai Shan: 3 points

So, a new leader, though the two tied for second place are separated by a two-point spread. Really, this could still go any way at this point. Perhaps even Nightwish are a few 12’s away from victory? We’ll see...
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