Mike (progbear) wrote in ursavision,

[Eurovision] ’Twas not to be

Dani: “La vie à 25 ans”

This catchy tune was to be France’s contribution to Eurovision 1974, but it was not to be. President Georges Pompidou died around that time, and the burial was to take place the same day as the Eurovision contest, so France withdrew, never to see how well they’d do against ABBA and the like.

Sérgio Borges: “Onde vais, rio que eu canto”

This was to be Portugal’s entry for Eurovision 1970, but at the last second, they became very sympathetic with the Scandinavian-led 1970 boycott of the contest on account of the infamous four-way tie fiasco of 1969. They wound up sending the tune to the Yamaha foundation’s then-new World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo, where it didn’t even manage to make it out of the semi-final.
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